Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tonight marks the last session for the Family Dynamics Interactive Marriage Seminar - Dynamic Marriages. This seminar is basaed on the book "His Needs Her Needs" by Dr. Harley. Please keep all the couples in prayer - that God's will be done! Satan seeks to hurt marriages - and this class seeks to bring about healthy happy marriage relationships. Thanks to all who have helped in this! Feel free to check out:

Nikki is doing much better! My favorite saying of hers is: "This is an uphill fight - and I'm going to continue to fight!". Some of the treatments seem to be causing swelling - please continue to keep her and Gary in your prayers.

Gerald M. is headed back to SLC to help get another church building project in order. It is in the early phases of planning and obtaining permits. Please keep him in prayer as he works with the Southside Church of Christ in SLC.

Marie M. is headed back to Florida. Please keep her and her dad in prayer. Both Gerald and Marie plan to be back in Worland for Thanksgiving.

Joe M. is scheduled to be in Casper this coming Tuesday at 4:00pm for further testing and info. He is keeping an encouraging attitude - please keep him and his family in prayer.

Joyce and I are planning to head out for a vacation Friday 11/16/07. First to Rochester to visit Stacey Sikes at the Hands of Compassion Ministry. Then on to Chicago, Saturday to visit children and Grandchildren. Monday we hope to be in DeKalb to visit Joyce's folks and family. Tuesday we hope to head to Missouri to be with my folks, then Lord Willing starting out for Worland Monday 11/26/07. We feel so blessed to be able to enjoy some time with family - though we love our church family here in Worland so very much!

Joyce's hand is doing well for this stage of the game. She is able to use it much more, though there is still pain to deal with. In the image above, note the Trapezium. This bone had become arthritic - and was letting the thumb Metacarpal slip out of joint - a lot. So they removed the bone and took a tendon out of her forearm - and folded it - and replaced the Trapezium. Her other hand is scheduled to receive the same treatment December 7th - Lord Willing! Please pray!

May God bless all of us - as we continue to read and study His word with a view of making Jesus Lord of our Lives in every way!