Friday, October 05, 2007

Update for 10/05/2007 -

Karen: has to go to SLC on the 10th for a pre-surgery checkup and then surgery on the 18th. Please pray that all goes well!

Marie's Dad: He's doing well. He is in a re-hab center, not sure how long - four to six weeks of physical therapy and then transfer to an assisted living facility. He is anxious to be up and around, but is in wheel chair for a while, as he was in the hospital for over a week.

Gerlad is back home - I'm sure he'd appreciate a call and/or visit! Welcome back!

Holly's lasik surgery went well, fully recovered.

Joyce's thumb surgery - not much change. She is looking forward to getting the pin out next week.

Please keep our nursing home loved ones in prayer such as Ruby, Neil (and Marie), Dave's mom, Joe Maya Sr.'s mom - and others.

Elijah is not in the hospital anymore - seems to be doing well - Praise God!

Several are not feeling well / under the weather: Jacque, Niki and others.

Dean is on the road, promoting his Monalift business in California and Nevada. Please pray that all goes well.

Please add items to: A box in the Foyer for a Soldier and a basket also in the foyer as a welcome basket for Dick and Sharon.

Judie and Katrina attended a ladies retreat last weekend in Jackson featuring the author of "Fueled By Faith", the text used for the Friday ladies Bible study.

Freshman High School Volleyball play-offs are this Saturday - please keep Karsyn in prayer - and others!

Please continue to pray for various studies and counseling sessions that are ongoing.

Many thanks for all the Bibles that were donated to be dispersed in our community!!

Moved In:

The Dacus family is moved in. Special thanks to all those who helped unload and carry items! They are working to down-size from a large house in Sheridan to a smallish apartment here in Worland!

Church News:

Wednesday Night for the Master is going well - thanks for all the participation and assistance! Ministry opportunities include: visiting, card writing, cooking / cleaning, classes for children and adults.

Please continue to support and pray for Worland church ministries:

Birthright (alternatives to Abortion) - contact Peggy.

Men's Friday 7:30am Fellowship at Ranchito's - contact Jim Blake.

Women's Friday 6:30am Bible Study at Judie's - contact Judie.

Women's Tuesday 10:30am Bible Study - at the Building - Contact Roxine.

Nursing home prayer, study and singing - Tuesday's at 6:30pm - contact Ken.
Women's Prayer Group Meetings Monthly 1st Sunday 4:00pm - contact Judie.
Are there other ministry opportunities that exist in the congregation? Please let me know, so as more can be included!

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