Monday, February 02, 2009

Preacher Man Kevin's Not Me Post 02/02/09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

There is now way it was me who walked to church yesterday (Sunday morning) while the temperature hovered around 0 degrees F. You would think that if I had an argument with my bride, that we could fix it or put it on hold for the Lord’s Day – right? And even two angry people should be able to ride together for the mile or so to church – if they are mature. After 31 years of marriage, one would of course expect maturity. Of course, had this happened, it would help people to not put me on a pedestal.

It was not me who felt anger at skinny people. Why would I do that, just because of their matter-of-fact methods for losing weight and keeping it off. Just because they’ve never had 80 or so pounds to lose, I could not expect them to know better, so why turn on the inner anger motor? I’d never do that, never.

Of course I would never volunteer all the ladies at church to put out a meal to 100 strangers who needed a place to gather and eat after a funeral. Not me, why, that might make some of them a bit put out. Of course, had I done that, I would have been greatly encouraged by how they gave it their best and had plenty of food prepared and set out.

It also could not have been me out there barefooted taking a picture of the thermometer that was pegged at 29 or 30 below zero. Nope, I’m too smart for that, why, I might have gotten frost bit or something.

Most certainly it was not me who had to be reminded by one of my beautiful daughters to post the Not Me Monday blog. She would have had to call me from Virginia, while she juggled her precious four children under four, waiting for her awesome husband (magnificent son-in-law) to be mock-deployed at Langely. No way I would have been so forgetful, not me. You can check out her blog at which is titled Intense Blessings, which she and all her precious family are - Blessings!


Jessi Dawn said...

Daddy-O!! I love you so much!! Great NMM!! You and Mom. making it work still after 31 years!! Love it! You made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

Oh yeah, thanks for promoting my blog. Appreciate it. Love you!!

Jess (YBD)

Autumn said...

Hi Kevin. It looks a tad bit cold up there in Wyoming! Your NMM post made me smile :)

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Looks a little chilly where you are. Happy Monday. I am going to go check out your daughter now!!

Jessi Dawn said...

hey dad, thanks for your linking to my blog!!

I nominated your blog for an award. Jump over today and check it out.

Love you,