Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday (NMM) - 2nd Week

I certainly did not get miffed when I found out Friday evening that this Sunday’s sermon only needed to be 10 minutes long. Plans had changed, why could that bother me? Where oh where has my maturity gone? I kept a straight face though….

There is no way that I would love Rockstar Roasted Coffe so much. Nor could I possibly have discovered how to order Rockstar Roasted Coffee by the case. How can that taste so good? Yum yum!

It was not me who was reveling in the snow covering. It was not me who saw several people frown when I let out the secret that I love the snow and near blizzard conditions here in wonderful Wyoming. Nope.

I would never have forgotten to put the kitchen trash up off the floor, so that our young dog, Mocha, could have had a great time. Oh, had I done that, he would have decorated the entire kitchen and living room in true doggy fashion, trash everywhere. He would have then had a feast.

I, as a grown man, would never get all goo-goo awed about putting e-Sword (a Bible program) on my new cell phone. Nor could it have been me that had ordered 3 phones in the last few months, one right after the other, to finally get the right phone to run the program. Then the first three phones would have had to be returned, to finally get a compatible phone. Who could be so backward as to not read the requirements to run the program?

Of course I would never, never get into a friendly (though long) argument with a sales person on the phone over a doctrinal issue. Oh my, how could I?

It could not have been me who froze up momentarily when a family in the community asked me to perform the funeral ceremony. Not me who had to paste a neutral expression on my face and put iron control over my voice when they told me about the passing of their for a 16 month old baby, Gage Fyffe. This is one of those honors that hurts the heart. How will I be able to speak, especially given my continual thinking of Emmanuel’s health issues, as I speak words of comfort to the young parents.

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Jessi Dawn said...

Great NMM!! I love it. Better late than never.

I love you, Dad!